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Understanding CBT

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an approach that utilizes evidence-based strategies to assist clients in reaching their goals successfully. 


CBT includes the following components: 


The foundation of CBT treatment starts with learning about the relationship between your thoughts, emotions, and behavior. The CBT psychologist will help you learn to build awareness about the actions and thought patterns that are currently impacting your symptoms. 


Relaxation techniques are an important component of cognitive behavioral therapy exercises. Relaxation training involves teaching you ways to strengthen your relaxation skills by practicing exercises such as guided imagery and progressive muscle relaxation with clear instructions and guidance. Learning these techniques is an essential part of managing anxiety or stressors that may occur in different areas of your life effectively. Our Ottawa CBT therapists are skilled in a diverse range of relaxation techniques and can work with you to find the right technique to meet your needs.


Another area of focus in CBT is assertiveness training which involves strengthening your assertive communication skills to manage interpersonal stressors and learning how to set boundaries. If improving your assertive communication skills is one of your treatment goals, your CBT therapist may practice role-plays with you in session to assist with practicing these skills. Developing these skills can help reduce frustration and stress that may occur at work or in your personal relationships. 


Another important component of CBT treatment is challenging negative assumptions, fears, or beliefs that are holding you back by engaging in experiments where you try out different behaviors. By engaging in new behaviors under the guidance of your therapist, you will be able to challenge the fears that have been impacting your life.  


A key component of CBT treatment is learning how to challenge negative beliefs and reframing them with a more balanced perspective. The benefit of learning this skill is that you will no longer feel as if your negative thoughts are dictating your mood and behavior. Instead, you will now have the tools to challenge your negative thought patterns. 

How Can You Benefit from CBT Therapy
in Ottawa?

Whether you are having difficulty with stress management, depression, ADHD, insomnia, or anxiety our cognitive behavioral therapy techniques can help you learn effective tools to address your symptoms and achieve your goals.

Ottawa CBT therapists at Belleisle Psychology Clinic can help you learn practical strategies that empower you to achieve your goals as well as: 

Learn the tools to alleviate your symptoms and improve your quality of life 

Improve your ability to focus and increase your productivity 

Learn evidence-based strategies to challenge your negative beliefs so they are no longer adversely impacting your mood and behavior 

Improve your assertive communication skills which can reduce your stress and strengthen your relationships 

What to Expect From
CBT Therapy

CBT Therapy focuses on the relationship between your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions. At Belleisle Counselling, we are passionate about helping you achieve the results you are seeking with thoughtful guidance and effective techniques that are backed by research. 

Our CBT therapists believe in providing a collaborative and supportive environment that helps empower you to be an active participant in your therapy and learn the coping tools to manage your symptoms effectively. 

The cognitive behavioral therapy techniques we utilize are designed to help you practice using the tools and exercises you’ve learned outside of sessions in order to maximize effectiveness.  

During CBT therapy, you will learn actionable steps, exercises, and tools to:​

Strengthen your relaxation response in order to manage stress or anxiety symptoms effectively

Build awareness about negative thought patterns and behaviors that may be contributing to your symptoms 

Challenge and reframe the negative thoughts that are negatively impacting your mood as well as behavior

Utilize coping strategies that can assist you in navigating challenging situations


Booking an Appointment for CBT Therapy in Ottawa or Gatineau

Ready to start learning CBT tools to manage your symptoms effectively? 

There are three ways you can get in contact with us to learn more about our CBT therapy services and set up an appointment:  

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Call us at (613) 800-2560 

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