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Dr. Paquette and her team offer professional consulting services for social services, for government purposes, to schools, for private organizations, and for companies.

Our consultations are tailored to the needs of our clients to provide a neuropsychological assessment of complex situations and issues. We also support professionals working directly with clients by helping better structure interventions and by providing additional expertise.

Please note that consultations can be in-person in the Outaouais and Ottawa regions) or via video conference.


Retain Our Expertise

You will be provided with a clinical perspective based on our professional expertise as well as the most recent knowledge relating to brain function and the particularities of cognitive profiles associated with various developmental or acquired problems. Consulting services can be offered on an ad hoc basis or be part of ongoing mandates.

About Me

We can help

Please contact us for any additional information or to request neuropsychology services.

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